" I let Etheric Fields run for several hours. It is a great background while I am painting. It allows me to not get distracted. Some really cool Sci Fi sounds.
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Bob Tavis / Dallas, United States
Painter, composer and musician
Etheric Fields helps produce brain waves that assist in reaching a calm state allowing for deeper meditation and assisting the mind to focus attention.
Etheric Fields creates the perfect sonic environment for those times when you wish to clear your mind from external distractions. Etheric Fields is ideal for studying, reading, or in creating a peaceful mood for contemplation and meditation. The continuous, ever evolving sounds allow the listener to escape from extraneous noise that interferes with all activities that require deep concentration and a clear mind. Etheric Fields can also be used to assist as a sleeping aid as its soothing sounds can be run for hours to provide a peaceful and restful experience."
Robert Tavis
Dave Haupt / Towson, Maryland, USA
Retired software engineer, musician, songwriter.
"Etheric Fields is a fine work of technology and art that creates an ever-changing, relaxing soundscape. It produces a calming sonic background that facilitates my meditation practice. I believe many people will enjoy listening to its evolving sounds."
Dave Haupt
Acknowledgments: Many thanks to everyone who participated in the development of the project: Bob Tavis, Dave Haupt, Dmitry Ulianov, Hermann Seib, Jeff McClintock, Alexander Obukhov!